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“How We Rise” Official Music Video


New Music Video: “How We Rise”


We’re excited to unveil the official music video for our new single “How We Rise”!

“How We Rise” is a song we’re very proud of. It started as just a simple jam when we were at practice. We usually open up practice with whatever any of us is feeling at that moment; we feed into each others vibes and play freeform. Billy had his phone on to record that particular day and the three or so minutes of music that we played and recorded ended up becoming “How We Rise”. We took the live recording, pre-pro’d it and the version we had planned on our own is what we recorded in the studio.

In the past year, we’ve been through a lot as people and as a band – facing a lot of obstacles and struggles that we’ve had to overcome. We made the decision to part with the label we originally released our EP “Pathways” on, and wanted to work for ourselves, pushing ourselves to the best of our ability and learning whatever we didn’t know. We had to take all of the misses, the losses, the struggles, and learn and grow from them. As we pushed on, we found others with similar struggles and the same resolve. In our grind and our struggle we found community and through that fuel to push on.

That’s the core of “How We Rise”: Take your failures, your struggles, whatever puts you down and use it to push you forward. Surround yourself with likeminded people who put off positive energy and never give up on your dreams. That is how we rise together.