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SOFTSPOKEN is a post-hardcore band hailing from Florence, Kentucky made up of Sam Scheuer [vocals], Chris Wethington [guitar], Billy Zimpelman [guitar], and Myka Meeks [drums]. Founded with the idea of being true to themselves, the guys of Softspoken write what they feel, putting their passion straight into the rise and fall of every song without a worry of whether it fits to the current standards of the scene. Emotive, high-energy, melodic in vocals and instrumentation, and seamlessly darting from heavy and ambient, Softspoken’s music can best be described as genuine.

“We believe that music belongs to everyone,” says vocalist Sam Scheuer. “We might be writing it and playing it, but the second someone listens and interacts with our art, it belongs to them in a way. They might take another meaning from the lyrics than what I had in my head; the emotions they feel might be calm where I’m energized; and in that way one piece of music can truly be something different and fresh for everyone. We love nothing more than just feeling when we write. We actually call it “jamming” because we don’t go into it with an idea ‘This song needs to sound like this’. We just play, and vibe, and in the end sometimes we have a song, and sometimes we just feel good about whatever came out. It’s just us being who we are.”

Which is the idea Softspoken originally started with. Returning to the U.S. after three years of living abroad, guitarist Chris Wethington had the idea to put together a group that didn’t bend to the demands of what was popular, but what was true to the members themselves. “I’m a relatively soft-spoken person,” Wethington says, “which is where the idea for the name originally came from. I wanted to make music that had a message and a purpose, saying: Be who you are, and find whatever outlet you can to positively express yourself. I’m soft-spoken, and I like chill, ambient and usually dark music; Billy comes from a heavier background and likes fast, driving music; Myka likes high energy and upbeat music; Sam just likes to jam and vibe. We take parts of all of us and put it into what we create.”

But Softspoken’s focus isn’t just on themselves. In 2017 they began a group called The Speakers which is more than a fan club, or a street team – it’s a community brought together by their love of music. Tying in the band with The Speakers is the band’s sharp logo. As guitarist Billy Zimpelman explains: “The purpose of this band is to speak out, and to give a voice to those who are unheard or overlooked. The logo we decided on, which Chris designed, is a stylized speaker with the “s” of Softspoken in front of it. It symbolizes that even soft-spoken, even quiet, you can get your voice out there.”

Connect with the band via social media on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and be sure to check out more on The Speakers immediately below.


The Speakers is a community where we can share a little bit more of ourselves with people who aren’t just fans, but are close friends and family. By joining, you get access to The Speakers Group on Facebook, along with special discounts and early access to Softspoken-related news and releases delivered to you via our official email list, and within the group. We also just started up The Speakers Playlist on Spotify, which is a collaborative playlist where you can join in and build up a selection of great songs along with us. Everyone has a voice, and everyone deserves to have that voice heard. Speak with us.

Softspoken Speaks is a new blog/vlog where each member of Softspoken will share whatever thoughts we have – whether about an album we really like, a recent show we saw that was great, our favorite guitars, or anything else that we feel like sharing. Feel free to leave us comments to let us know about anything you want to hear us talk about!



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